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#MemberMonday – Meet Sofia Grau, CEO SCIC Swimwear and Marketing Guru

Sofia was one of our first member hosts signing on her property on a part time basis while she was traveling to Berlin. It was a great arrangement for her as it meant she got to keep a foothold in Miami while not being out of pocket for it. In fact, she was able to make enough extra to cover most of her rent in Germany.

What Made you chose Sentient Hotel?

Being an avid user of Airbnb, VRBO and other platforms, my biggest problem has always been the fear right before you arrive that it’s going to be horrible. You never know and you put an inordinate amount of trust in a complete stranger. Usually you are pleasantly surprised, but that’s only because of the halo effect – where you set such low expectations that even a marginal improvement on that expectation will be met with wild celebrations. And the Airbnb’s of the world know it. OMG – There is toilet paper, amazing. Sentient Hotel, takes care of that pain point of that fear. If I’m in Berlin I can search out Sentient Hotel and know exactly what I am getting. The same goes for in Miami, London or New York.

Whats the most challenging thing with hosting your property?

Theres a couple of things. The big one is housekeeping. Having someone I trust in the home and looking after it while I am not there. Thats a big deal. Having to manage effectively a one room hotel – I could do the basics, but do it well and get good consistent profit producing bookings – that was a challenge. Oh and communicating with the customers. it can be a challenge when you are trying to manage your own company and own set of customers. Being a member host of Sentient Hotels, means I get to take advantage of their incredible and trustworthy in-house housekeeping team. They know how to do this, run hotels, I mean they come from the finest hotel pedigree the industry has to offer. And that translates into how they approach the business and how they interact with each and every single customer.

How has using Sentient Hotel helped you?

It has saved a tremendous amount of my most valuable resource – TIME. I got back around 5-10 hours per week. and it removed a ton of stress and energy that I was putting into it. And It is have a NET positive impact on my bank account. So I got back 10 hours per week, I have zero hassle and I make more money. Easy.

Anything else you want to share with our community?

Sentient Hotel are offering all of my readers a great opportunity to get involved. If you host your property with them, you will get 100% of your booking revenue – No commission goes to Sentient Hotel.

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