Sentient House is an urban club lounge for vacation rental travelers.

Sentient House was founded in Miami in 2018 as a home away from home for people who travel. The founder, while traveling for work, often found himself eating in cars, getting work done in loud expensive cafes and unable to be efficient and effective with the short amount of time. This was excarcerbated when traveling in vacation rentals, often waiting for rooms to be available, hounded to leave the apartment and often missing critical items and no support to rectify.  Realizing he might not be alone in this difficult situation he got to work on providing an incredible customer focused solution. And that’s where Sentient House was born.

Whether you are traveling for work or for leisure you often need a lounge to relax in before checking in or checking out, a secure place to store luggage while you get on with your day or a quiet place to work during your business trip; access to Sentient House takes care of it all. Through our monthly event programming we endeavor to bridge the local community with the traveling one by providing a unique and comfortable space open to collaboration. Your daily or monthly membership provides access to the club spaces; lounges, work space, luggage drop off, movie room, F&B Outlets and all other amenities where available – plus a monthly event calendar.

Our goal is to connect the vacation rental traveler to a consistent and functional space that supports their every travel need (except the bed). We offer a function focused level of service that handles critical travel needs delivered through the form driven shared and private spaces, conference rooms and lounges. The space is used as a experience center that is the center of gravity for the vacation rental community from hosts to guests to experience providers. It’s a social club where members can relax and entertain with colleagues and friends in our lounges, outdoor spaces and the surrounding environment.

The first property will launch in Miami, Summer 2019. A network of Sentient Houses are scheduled to open beginning 2020 in strategic locations across the US. Our product and service will be the perfect for the leisure or business traveler – wherever they rest their head.