A technology driven company providing work and lifestyle bases for vacation rental travelers


Sentient was founded in Miami in 2018 as a work and lifestyle base for people who travel. Whether you are staying in a vacation rental or stopping over in Miami for a few hours, your access to the club spaces and amenities includes; relaxing lounge area, flexible co\working space, continental breakfast, luggage storage and delivery, all day coffee, beverages & snacks, movie room and all other amenities where available – plus a monthly event calendar. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the very first Sentient House debuting in Miami this Fall 2019.

Sentient House offers an array of flexible spaces and amenities that are perfect for both leisure and business travelers, locals who work remotely and want to be part of a creative community, or property managers who want to offer all that Sentient House has to offer to their guests.

Get access to Sentient House Today

Our mission is to build a global network of sentient bases, powered by innovative technology that fulfills the customer experience gap for vacation rental travelers and for anyone else with a need for short term base


A place to relax

We deliver a beautifully designed, expertly integrated and optimized for work and leisure.

Food and Beverage

Our food and beverage team will deliver complimentary complimentary continental breakfast, coffee, snacks and other beverages throughout the day.

Luggage Storage

We have secure luggage storage so you have the freedom to enjoy the day

Hosted Events

Our local SH team deliver rich engaging events that bring the local community to you; the traveling community.

In the know

Meet with the local team who can help you get dialed into the city through local event and attractions you would never find on your own.

5 Star Standards

Standards learnt from the world’s most luxurious hotels are integrated into the Sentient House experience